Mojo Wellington, London, September 2018

Queen piano medley

Performed by Mojo Wellington

Written by: Freddie Mercury, Brian May

One of the first pop songs I learned to play is Bohemian Rhapsody, presented here along with some other Queen tracks that I enjoy playing on piano.

  • Mojo Wellington - keys


Saturday Night Fish Fry

Performed by: Moonlight Fish Fry

Written by: Louis Jordan/Ellis Lawrence Walsh

Featuring Matthew Reinhardt on guitar and backing vocals, here's a Louis Jordan number we used to play together in our acoustic blues outfit Moonlight Fish Fry.

  • Mojo Wellington - keys, vocals

  • Matthew Reinhardt - guitar, vocals




Written by: Mojo Wellington

Performed by: Saturday Night Fish Fry

Minor blues number performed live at the Proud Gallery in Camden:

  • Mojo Wellington - keys

  • Dorriel Tulloch - vocals, bass

  • Matthew Reinhardt - guitar

  • James Bourne - drums